Parents Are the Best Teachers Essay

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Parents are the best teachers Any one who provides me with new knowledge or experience can be considered as my teacher. Admittedly, my greatest teachers are my parents. In fact, they have played a distinctive and important role in shaping who I am today. First and foremost, they are parents who teach their children the most crucial lessons. I mean the first lessons which are conspicuously basic but essential to every one, like how to eat, to stand, to walk, and to speak. They are all usually given by your parents. Besides, almost moral things seem to be more effective when taught by parents rather than by teachers. In other words, parents are apparently better than teachers at teaching children how to live in a good and meaningful way, which is most important to one’s life. Regarding the famous quote “action speaks louder than words.” the words are not convincing unless they are put into action. We spend most of the time with our parents and see how they behave in different situations, but we only meet the teachers in classes and listen to them, but there is no chance to see how they work outside classes. So, even if they have an influence, it is temporary. Furthermore, at school, brilliant students receive more attention than the poor ones while at home all of them are treated equally. Moreover, according to statistic researches on the purpose of teaching, 97 percent of the 15 million teachers were proved to teach because of money.clearly, as parents provide for us, their aim is nothing rather than they love us. Last but not least, parents find the most effective way of conveying knowledge to their children. In reality, a class may hold up to hundreds of students obstructs the teacher from providing individual student with a deep understanding. Meanwhile,my dad usually doesn’t hesitate to help me comprehend an
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