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Paparazzi Should Get Banned Essay

  • Submitted by: 09o09o
  • on March 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Paparazzi should get banned.
All around the world paparazzi are taking pictures of famous celebrities on their professional cameras. Celebrities hate when paparazzi take a peek at their private lives. They would do all they can to stop paparazzi. You could even be sued. So why do it? Paparazzi will definitely harm your career, ‘doctoring’ your picture making it look you have a bad reputation. They could also injure other people in their eagerness just to take a picture of someone important or famous.    

First and foremost, paparazzi should definitely be banned because they invade celebrities’ privacy and disturb their personal relationships. It is also illegal to take pictures of other people without asking for permission or consent. They don’t have the right. Paparazzi only do it to make money but they could lose thousands of dollars if they get sued.

Also, paparazzi are way too eager to take pictures that they could injure or hurt other people, other paparazzi and even the celebrity themselves. For example, the death of Princess Diana was caused by a paparazzi frantically chasing after the car she was in to just take a picture. The driver, Henri Paul was trying to remain a distance from the paparazzi that he crashed into the tunnel wall.

To sum it up, I firmly believe paparazzi should be banned because the photographer could ‘doctor’ the photo or take it from an angle so it looks like you are doing something very wrong, immature or inappropriate. This could ruin your career as it would look like you have a very bad reputation.

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