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The Battle and Problems at Hue By Shawn A. Murray Shawn Murray HST 390 The Battle and Problems at Hue The Battle at Hue was one of the most important turning points of the Vietnam War not only for the Vietcong and Northern Vietnamese but also for the American troops and the American public. If not for the Vietcong and PAVN troops shifting their attention from guerrilla style warfare in the rural areas to a more conventional style in the city of Hue the Vietnam War might have ended with a different outcome. The Tet Offensive, which was an all-out attack of major southern Vietnam cities by the PAVN to show their military prowess to the Americans and ARVN forces. It was intended to send “…a clear message to southerners about the communists’…show more content…
One of their major goals was to disrupt and destroy the South Vietnamese government. Orders were actually given to the invaders to cause maximum disruption to the government to create crisis by killing military and administrative personnel. This reason alone would do some serious damage to the government but another tactic was to kill for “…terrorism and warning.” By killing government officials and private citizens it scared the citizens of not just Hue but all over the area into compliance with the National Liberation Front. The communists also wanted to annihilate Christians for political reasons. The communists always tried to suppress religions anyway possible and because of Ngo Dinh Diem being Catholic and in charge of South Vietnam at the start of the resistance to the North. They felt it was a smart move to wipe as many of them out as they could. The Vietcong and North Vietnamese also had the goal of causing “…an uproar in the world and in the US….” Due to its Vietnamese cultural, historical, and political heritage, Hue was a center of international attention. The communists’ occupation and massacres there served their intents of gaining superiority at the negotiations, and especially of threatening the American people, causing them to worry about their military relatives in Vietnam up to the point of urging the US government to promptly bring…show more content…
If the U.S. military would have been more diligent in their intelligence gathering then they might have been able to stop the attack or at least slow down the PAVN and VC assent on the city. But because of communication breakdowns and the intelligence gathering, the troops inside the city of Hue stood no chance in stopping the flood of enemy troops into the city. Once the enemy troops were in the city the American and ARVN troops had a difficult time trying to retake the city because they were not train at all or well enough for the situation of urban combat and its challenges. After the weather broke of day three of the invasion the American and ARVN troops gained an advantage that they did not have earlier and that is the use of indirect fire. This use of indirect fire was vital to the allies being able to retake the city against a well dug-in occupying enemy force. Once the city was taken back into allied hands a new problem sprang

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