Insiders And Outsiders In George Orwell's 1984

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A government can indirectly affect experiences in a person’s life that shape his or her actions, thus indirectly creating distinct groups between insiders and outsiders. As a child, Winston experiences a tragedy in which “his mother and his sister had been sacrificed” (Orwell 760) and taken away by the Party. The sorrow eventually grows into a manifestation of hatred that propels Winston to rebel against the party. The memory of his mother forces Winston to become an outsider that hates the Party, rather than an insider that loves the Party. On the other hand, children are subject to the dogma of the government. They are put into the organization called Spies and ripped of any “tendency whatsoever to rebel against the discipline of the Party”…show more content…
When Winston writes “Down with Big Brother” (753), he knows that “every record of…his one-time existence would be denied and then forgotten” (753). Winston holds the belief that the Party attempts to control everyone and dispose of the existence of disobedient citizens, and his belief leads him to rebel against the Party. As a result, the Party carefully watches him. In addition to Winston, Julia becomes an outsider because of her belief that individuals should sexually rebel and stay alive. By having sex to rebel against the mind-controlling Youth Movement’s talks about pro-creational sex, Julia goes against the Party because “sexual privation induces hysteria…and could be transformed into war-fever” (822). Sex poses danger to the Party, and because the Party outlaws it, Julia becomes an outsider. Unlike Winston and Julia, Parsons transforms from an outsider who hated Big Brother to an insider after staying in “the place where there is no darkness” (757). The place Parson transforms in refers to the room in the Ministry of Love in which torture alters people’s beliefs. Parson originally holds the belief that evil exists inside the Party, but he changes his beliefs to a pro-Party stance, even going as far as to thanking the Party for saving him. A government’s actions results in different individuals to possess different beliefs and altering those beliefs allows a power-hungry government to create groups of outsiders and
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