1984 vs V for Vendetta

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Satire is used in many literary works to invoke humour on certain characters or attitudes of the story. It is used to shed light on the errors and failures of the characters, or even societies entirely. It create a contrast between, for example, two dystopian societies. In our case, these two dystopian societies are those of Winston from Orwell’s 1984 and V from the film V for Vendetta. Both the text 1984 and the film V for Vendetta are satires that criticize humanity, society, and individual thought. Orwell and Brothers both make an effort to criticize each of their government’s practice of manipulation. For example, “Ignorance is Strength” sheds light on the oxymoronic messages the government expresses that manipulate their people. It shows that the government wants people to be ignorant and not to second think their actions or what is being fed to their minds, particularly. Thereby, it makes the government superior and in control of what people know about itself, its affairs, and even what they know about themselves. This a satire because government uses their people to secure their power while not really caring for the personal interest of the people. Meanwhile, in V for Vendetta, slogans such as “ Unity through Strength” make the society vulnerable for criticism. This is also a message from the government to persuade their people by fear and alter their thoughts desirably. Consequently, the people feel that the government sees itself as a unity with its’ people and encourages them to depend on the government because they are on your side. The satire is that the government deceits the people to make it seem like situations are done in the people’s welfare. It is also evident that both Orwell and Brothers criticize the humanities for their ruthlessness in both of their satirical artworks. In 1984, O’Brien, for example is an unusual character, however
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