Freedom Restriction in 1984

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How are memory, history and fact subverted by the government in the novel? Why? DO NOT put anything that is in bold on the powerpoint, I will say these things. Just put the quotes and the bullet points. If you add two more quotes, it should be enough. 'Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.' - Book 1, chapter 3. * Having control of the past allows the government to have control of the future. * The future is a direct consequence of the past. * The party will feed them lies about the past, to gain more support for their political agenda by portraying the past in a negative light. * Limiting memory, to limit knowledge of the past. * Makes control of people easier, as they will be more like to support the Party if they think the party has brought positive changes. This Party slogan gives an insight into the technique used by the government of manipulating history, and in some cases using completely made up history, in order to keep control of the people. This is because having control of the past allows the government to have control of the future. This is because the future is a direct consequence of the past, and the outcome will be in direct relation to what has happened in the past. So, when the Party portrays the past a hellish world full of poverty, destruction and slavery - the people will begin to believed the Party has rescued them from this, especially when the party feeds them more lies about all the things they have done to help the people. Memory is also a powerful tool. The people who lived before the revolution would know of the world before and so in turn know the Party has done very little for them. This is why the Party keeps a strict control of things like history textbooks and personal mementos. By destroying records of the past, they're also limiting the memories of those people
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