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Springer 1st 02 May 2011 Banned Book and Censorship Essay In 1984 by George Orwell, the novel describes a grim, totalitarian society set somewhere in the future. 1984 epitomizes the dystopian society and it depicts the horrific consequences of totalitarianism. Winston, the protagonist of the novel, rebels against the totalitarian government in the Oceanian province of Airstrip One. Life here is constantly filled with never-ending war, intrusive government surveillance, and abusive mind control through physical and mental torture. The novel reveals how Winston comes to the point of seeking rebellion against Big Brother, which eventually leads to his arrest, torture, and brain-washing so that he submits to the Party. 1984 was first challenged…show more content…
Ironically, Winston’s job in the Ministry of Truth is to fix any documents the Party finds necessary revise- newspaper articles, photos, or even simple numerical figures for production to give a false image of a flourishing economy. The Ministry also writes and ‘vaporizes’ people out of history -- they go "down the memory hole" as if they never existed. An example of this is when Winston is faced with the task of eradicating all information and reference to an ‘unperson’ in a newspaper article. He proceeds to write an article about Comrade Ogilvy, a fictional party member, who displayed immense bravery and courage by jumping into the sea from a helicopter and saved the dispatches from the enemy. Consequently, this excessive amount of censoring and perpetual revision of the past causes the memories of citizens to become vague and hazy; people become more willing to believe whatever the Party tells them. Because the Party exploits history to serve the own purposes, it uses the past to control the present and future as well (“Who controls the present, controls the past. Who controls the past, controls the future” 248). Orwell’s prophetic vision of how censorship results in a society that does not think, talk about or concerned themselves with anything other than what the government tells them. 1984 opens up awareness to help prevent future societies from becoming the horrific dystopian one in the

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