Orwell And 1984 Comparison Essay

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1) In both Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984 humanity is endangered by an all-powerful state, however I believe that Orwell’s 1984 endangers humanity more effectively. Humanity is being able to ignore the natural first instinct and care for others before you. It is being able to feel pain, sympathy, compassion, and mercy. It is to love others and enjoy company and accepting others for who they are. In Brave New World humans are created in assembly lines and are only created when the government needs a certain type of “human”. The citizens are not considered human because they don’t have any human instincts. In 1984, however, the citizens still have human instincts but they are being repressed or the instincts are changed. People are actually born naturally and not in an assembly line. Since the citizens in 1984 are more human than the ones in Brave New World that means that humanity is more threatened in 1984. 2) In both Huxley’s…show more content…
In 1984 history is used as a way for the Party to maintain its power and make the Party look really good. Also history is “forgotten” because if the citizens realize that the Party lies and is weak the Party will be overthrown. The way history makes the Party look good is by altering past newspapers so it seems that the Party can predict the future and is very powerful. Not only that they also make it seem like anything that is new and is good was created by the Party and anything that is old and not good is from pre-Party. In Brave New World history is no longer necessary unless you are a world controller. History is not taught because it will not benefit the world state and they don’t want anyone to be deconditioned or start to rebel. Even without history the citizens of the world state are happy and some are conditioned to be afraid of books so they would not even dare to read if they are given a

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