PHI 208 Ethics And Moral Reasoning

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RUNNING HEAD: RIGHT TO DIE Right to Die Roseann Martin PHI 208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning Instructor: Susan Smith 6/24/2014 RUNNING HEAD: RIGHT TO DIE 1 End of life medical issues are a very controversial topic. Everyone has their own opinion and ethical stand point on the right to die or die with dignity issue. This is an issue I personally feel very strong about. I worked in nursing homes as a certified nursing assistant for a long time. I have seen the health and quality of life of people deteriorate every day. I watched as they suffered day after day wishing there was something I could do for them. In my opinion the right to die in cases of terminal illness is ultimately up to the patient and/or the patient’s family. In this paper I…show more content…
The Jewish religion believes that since the body belongs to god a patient has no right to take their own life or recruit others to help them end their own life and anyone who does is considered a murderer (Dorff, 2005). Conservative Protestants are also against the practice. They believe it goes against two key biblical principles, the sanctity of life and that God is the ultimate authority when it comes to life and death. More liberal Protestants support the rights of individuals they generally support the practice and an individual’s right to choose. Catholics take their stance against euthanasia based on their belief that human life is sacred and only God can make the decision to terminate a life (Moulton, Hill, Burdette,
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