Argument Against Euthanasia - Should Voluntary Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Argument against euthanasia - Should voluntary euthanasia be legalized? When pain becomes unbearable, the dilemma is set between having to pick from two options. To kill or not to kill? Many people would pick the option of ending their own lives. Why? So then they could die in “dignity”, and their suffering could cease as soon as they wished. They wouldn’t have to worry about how or when they would die; because they would definitely die a painless and peaceful death. Death by euthanasia would be just like a deep sleep, a sleep that would never end. Yes, euthanasia seems like the easiest way out. It is something deemed by choice and freewill. But what about those with religions? Majority of the religions are against euthanasia because it challenges sanctity of life. Legalising and allowing euthanasia to happen weakens society’s respect of this sanctity. Religions like Christianity, Islam, etc are against euthanasia because religion teaches people that the death of every individual should be decided by God, that God chooses how long and how a person should live. Suffering is only but a part of life and living. If euthanasia is accepted, it means that the lives of the sick and disabled are worth less than others. Furthermore, euthanasia is unnecessary in the presence of palliated care. Palliated care ensures proper and intensive care of patients. It seems like a better option of dealing with the illnesses of patients as compared to losing complete hope on recovery and life. Euthanasia is a quick, painless end to life; whereas palliated care is one that can relieve pain. Executing euthanasia undermines the commitment of doctors and nurses, defeating doctors’ and nurses’ purposes of saving lives. The Hippocratic oath they had taken would be destroyed because of euthanasia. Not only does euthanasia defeat the purpose of medical healthcare, but it also damages
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