Overpopulated Schools Due to Migration That Affects the Quality of Education

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I. INTRODUCTION Migration is neither a failure of development nor a substitute for development. Individuals move as part of their effort to improve their lives and the lives of their families, to learn new skills, to gain new experiences, to find a job or to flee insecurity, disaster or famine. It also has essential to provide good information about the local way of life to newcomers and ensure opportunities for people to mix and integrate. Migration is an economic, social and political process that affects those who move, those who stay behind and the places where they go. And with the advent of globalization, labor migration has become a worldwide phenomenon. Migration has a huge effect to our country and our society. It can be positive or negative. For positive effects, economic growth can be sustained, the pension gap can be filled by the contributions of new young workers and they also pay taxes developing country has benefit from remittances, etc. For negative effects, unemployment may rise if there are unrestricted numbers of incomers, depression of wages may occur but this seems to be temporary and “increases in population” can put pressure on public services especially to education. II. BODY OF THE RESEARCH Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth. It compromises the quality of education given to the members of society especially to young children. Because there is a huge count of students enrolled in public schools the facilities like classroom can’t cater all of them. The instructional materials like books are not enough to give the ratio 1:1 book to student. The security of the students is at risk because the school personnel can’t monitor all the students. Overcrowded classrooms result immobility and discomfort to students. Having overpopulated school is a big

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