Outine And Asses Freuds Theory Of Dreams Essay

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Outline and asses Freud’s theory of dreams Freud’s theory of dreams is based on dreams being away of manifesting themselves called dreamwork. Dreamwork is when we turn the latent content into the manifest content; Freud saw dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious”. Freud believed that dreams were mainly symbolic because they had a way of hiding the truth. The truth was the latent content; this is the underlying desire or emotion that drives the dream, for example if someone was worried about being alone they could dream of a boat sailing away from you. Freud called what we actually remember from the dream is called the manifest content i.e. remembering the boat sailing away. Freud believed we turn an object of emotion into something for example we could use a cow to represent your annoying mother this he called displacement, Freud also realised that you combine all of the things you were angry about into one object like a mirror that you want to smash, this he called condensation. Freud realised that we seem to string all of the parts of our dreams together for example you could be kicking the cow that represents your mother who falls into the mirror and smashes it and so on. Freud’s theory has some downsides, for example Freud said that dreams can only be interpreted by trained psychologists, but many psychologists believe that this is not the case because dreams are very subjective so to try and analyse and interpret someone else’s dream is nearly impossible, also the dream itself may not be told in the same way it actually happened so the analyst may misinterpret the meaning because he/she doesn’t know everything in the patient’s life. There are other psychologists that disagree with Freud’s purpose of dreams e.g. Crick and Mitchison claim that we dream to get rid of unwanted memories that we have collected throughout the day. But in favour of

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