Medicating Ourselves Summary

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“Medicating Ourselves” In “Medicating Ourselves,” Robyn Sarah is concerned about the medications doctors are prescribing us. She believes it is doing us more harm than doing us good. She questions two specific disorders, ADD/ADHD and Depression, and explains the key reasons why. To medicate or not to medicate that is the question. Robyn believes that medication can be helpful, but she does give valid points about how it is over used. There is no one true norm for a human mind. By changing how the brain acts just to mask the troubled area, doesn’t help to find the root of the problem. Sarah says in her paper that pain (a problem) in our life is a response to our life. When experiencing “pain”, one reassesses and rebuilds, or takes a pill to cover it up. With depression, there is a pressure in society to take antidepressants for a quick-fix because so many people around us have or are taking them. With ADD/ADHA, she does confess however, that medication can help families by removing the blame and helping a child’s undesirable behavior. She also believes that teachers/schools pressure children to take Ritalin to keep order in the classroom, while the school systems should reassess their teaching practices.…show more content…
Medication is doing us harm by masking the pain of depression, and not teaching children self-control on their own. She makes effective points about how medication is changing the way our brain acts. In my opinion, I think most medication is not necessary; it’s not something that should be given to a child. How are children going to grow up and figure life out the right way? I believe when they are on it too long, the brain develops wrong and can cripple them mentally in the long run. I feel that some doctors have a lack of understanding on these conditions and just give out medication to hopefully fix the problem, only in the short term. People need to learn to cope with their problems without
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