Why Do People Take Antidepressants: Are You Better With Them Or Without?

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Antidepressants: Are You Better With Them Or Without? Depression affects many people all over the world. It’s a chemical imbalance most people think. Researchers, drug manufacturers, and even the Food and Drug Administration state that antidepressants work by normalizing levels of brain neurotransmitters. Many people believe that people shouldn’t take any kind of drug to get rid of depression. I disagree with those people, I believe people should be able to take antidepressants to help them better themselves and hopefully help them have a better life. There are many reasons why I think people should be able to take antidepressants. One major reason is because I take them and I believe that they have helped me a lot, maybe even to the extreme where they have saved my life. Before I started taking antidepressants I was very depressed, suffered from social anxiety and I felt that life didn’t really have a meaning for me. Finally, after four years, I decided to say something about how I felt to my parents. Best decision I have ever made. My parents decided to take me to the doctor he prescribed me Zoloft, an anti-depression pill. After, I was on the medication for about six weeks I noticed a big difference in how I felt, they had given me my life back. I actually felt alive, that I wanted to live…show more content…
Some effects of antidepressants can be destroyed creativity, dull emotions, weight gain, suicide and many other negative things. If this does happen, just stop taking them, easy as that, and try something else like yoga or acupuncture sessions to help relax you. That’s why they mostly work more for people who have severe depression opposed to those with mild to moderate depression. Many experts believe that people are becoming too dependent on antidepressants, but if it helps them get through life, they should take them. As long as they don’t harm you and make you happier with

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