Ottoman Decline Essay

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The Decline of the Ottoman Empire Summary: A short Discussion of how the Ottoman Empire fell into decline and what the Empire tried to do to stop the decline in the 18th century. Details the transition of the Ottoman empire into the European states. Many things caused the Ottoman decline. The first thing that showed the weakness of the Ottoman Empire was the fact that they needed communication, they sent ambassadors over to Europe and Europe sent ambassadors to the empire. Also military defeats caused the rulers to go into new war styles and hire new people to modernize the military. Throughout the 18th century the Ottomans fought with the Europeans and the new military leaders in Persia. The government was entangled, in alliances and competing interests, with Britain, France, Austria, and Russia, all of which had designs on certain segments of Ottoman territory. The empire already lost Hungary and Transylvania to Austria by the Peace of Carolowitz. Also wars with Russia took their toll on the Empire forcing another treaty in which the OE gave up Crimea, allowed Russia to interfere in the affairs of Orthodox Christians in the empire, and granted Russia access to the Black Sea. By allowing other states like Russia and Austria rights, they lost respect and these states under minded their sovereignty and autonomy. Also, they were a militaristic system that depended on taxes and because they had to give up some of their land they lost taxes and had to raise money by selling land. As the Ottoman Empire was starting to get taken over by the European States, the leaders decided that they needed a military reform in order to duplicate or even surpass the European successions. Sultan Muhmud I brought in the French mercenary Comte de Bonneval to help modernize the military; Mustafa III hired Hungarian Baron de Tott to revamp his artillery corps and establish a
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