Decline And Fall Of The Romanovs Essay

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Preliminary Modern History Task: Decline and fall of the Romanovs Alex Lai Due: Wednesday 28 March 2012 Under the repressive and conservative rule of Nicholas II from 1894 to 1917, the Russian autocracy experienced a failure in satisfying the demands of its populace. Through the reversal of earlier policy and further imposition of repressive policy, this inability to govern fuelled the mentality of revolutionists and secured the fall of Tsardom. Nicholas’ conservative upbringing concerning the maintenance of autocracy within Russia largely influenced his policy platform and how he responded to the various situations he encountered during his reign. His mindset was heavily influenced by his personal tutor, the arch conservative Pobedonostev, who possessed a concrete belief that autocracy was the only viable…show more content…
Nicholas’ policy platform and his approach in governing the Russian people were heavily influenced by his tutor Pobedonostev. Nicholas inherited his political outlook from Pobedonostev, rejecting liberal and democratic ideas. Following his father’s policy platform, which was also derived from his tutor’s ideas; Nicholas continued repressive measures against any opposition to Tsardom and the Russian Orthodox Church. His government frequently encouraged violence against any religious or cultural pollution against the policy of Russification. “Brothers, in the name of our Savior who gave his blood for us, in the name of our very pious Little Father, the Tsar, who watches over the wants of his people, and alleviates their lot by generous manifestoes, let us join on Easter Day in the cry, "Down with the Jews ! " Let us massacre these sanguinary monsters who slake their thirst with Russian blood!” Proclamation inciting a pogrom,
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