Others Advises vs. Personal Experience

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Life is like a game and towards the end it is game over. At the end of the game, all that matters is the way you play it. Some people believe that the best way of learning about this game is listening to the advice of family and friends while others think that it is through personal experience. Both ways of learning about life are considered good because they have their own distinct advantages. My preference in learning about life is through my own personal experience. The advice from others can be more realistic and reliable but it varies from person to person;however, individual personal experience enhances your maturity. Learning through personal experience is preferable because experience is more memorable and essential in life. Advice from my personal experiences are don’t interfere with other peoples conflicts because you might get hurt. Another personal experience is learning how to drive and being aware on the road. Another personal experience is working and managing your time wisely and prioritizing. Firstly with my personal experiences is interfering with other peoples physical conflicts because you might get hurt. Last year when I was in high school, I saw my best friend at the time and this other girl who was big physically fighting. I went over and got in the middle and tried to stop it but then i ended up getting punched by the other girl. My best friend, Amanda, who is short, scrawny, and has a loud mouth and was saying negative things about Bernice who is twice Amanda’s size and is bigger. She confronted Amanda about what she was saying and next thing I know they started fighting. I get in between them and ended up with one of my eyes getting closed because ferocious Bernice punched me and gave me a black eye. I learned now that involving with other peoples physical confrontations can lead me to get hurt and with a black eye. The Second personal
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