Othello Was Not Wholly Responsable for Desdemona's Death

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William Shakespeare’s Othello explores the repercussions of one’s actions, and the extent to which some people will go for revenge. In his play, Shakespeare highlights how a sequence of events can lead inexorably to the demise of an innocent soul. As the play draws to a close, and Othello kills his beloved wife Desdemona, it appears as if he is responsible for his wife’s death. However, it becomes clear that Desdemona herself was also partially responsible for her own downfall. Furthermore, Desdemona’s murder can be attributed to a series of coincidences that lead to her death. Ultimately however, it becomes clear that it is Iago’s manipulative and cunning ways that are largely responsible for Desdemona’s demise, and bring about this tragic end to the play. Initially, it appears as if Othello is responsible for the murder of his wife. Although at the outset of the play, Othello seems to be a valiant and noble soldier, it soon transpires that he in fact possesses certain negative qualities which lead him to be partially responsible for the death of his wife. As the play unfolds, it can be seen that Othello is in fact “enfettered to Desdemona’s love.” Othello, as a rational soldier, became a blind lover. He was so overcome by his love for Desdemona, that all rational thinking was abolished. Othello, as soldier who was inexperienced in love, could not control all the emotions flooding through him. His decisiveness as a soldier lead him to seek “ocular proof” of his wife’s infidelity and when Iago presents him such proof, his decision to peruse a bloody course is made swiftly. As the conclusion of the play draws near, Othello tells his men “speak of one who loved not wisely, but too well.” Moments before stabbing himself, Othello finally understood the error in his ways – the fact that he love blinded him from his true intentions. Furthermore, Othello is seen to be

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