Forms and Expression of Justice Essay

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Question 2 – General question In Hamlet, Measure for Measure and Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare explores the forms and expressions of justice. Discuss this statement in relation to any two of these plays. In your discussion you may wish to consider the different types of justice that are represented, to what extent justice is exercised fairly, and to what extent it is abused. With regards to the above question I will be discussing Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet and how William Shakespeare explores the forms and expressions of justice in these two plays. Justice is a significant theme in Hamlet. Crimes and injustice have been committed and so justice is then sought by several of the characters in the play. There are two kinds of justice in Hamlet, right and justifiable justice and unfair, negative justice which turns into revenge. King Hamlet is dead which everyone believes has been an accident. One night a ghost appears and relays to Prince Hamlet that King Claudius, the Prince’s uncle killed the King. The very issue that Hamlet has been visited by something of the supernatural world already suggests that the natural state of harmony is not in equilibrium. Hamlet has now entered a world that is not bound by rules and moral values. Hamlet is torn between what is right and what is wrong because he could very well have been confronted with a demon that came to lure Hamlet to evil and to his death? If the ghost image that resembled King Hamlet was demonic then Hamlet is then swept into an idea that he needs to avenge his father’s death and seek justice. This mission that consumes Prince Hamlet is the centre of the play’s events and causes the rise of all the other unforeseen events. Justice is also sought by Laertes for the death of his father and his sister, Ophelia as well as Fortinbras who seeks justice for the death of his father, King Fortinbras. Hamlet’s quest

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