While Othello Is Rash, He Is Redeemed by the End of the Play

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In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, we see a shift of character in the main protagonist. A once respected chief noted for his nobility is deceived into the monstrous and jealous human being who ends up killing the woman he loved. Othello starts the play as a heroic character, denouncing all criticisms of his race to become a military leader. As the story progresses Othello’s love life takes a vital turn when his colleague, Iago deceives him. This noble person shows that a seemingly minor flaw of protectiveness and loving nature can ultimately lead to his downfall. Othello’s love for Desdemona portrays the notions of jealousy, anger, regret and deception. This is the negative aspect of Othello’s downfall but his realisation of his actions results in an attempt at redemption at the end of the play. This raises the question despite Othello’s attitude to Iago’s deception being rash, is he redeemed by the end of the play?
Othello is heroic at heart; he proved himself as a valiant general with many honourable qualities that would have Mark Antony writing his next speech about him. This is shown when he explains his love for Desdemona with this quote stating, “Of my whole course of love: what drugs, what charms, what conjuration and what mighty magic for such proceedings I am charged withal – I won his daughter” . This shows the way that Othello was able to diffuse a hostile situation by his articulate conveyance of words. Othello is a North African “Moor” leading Venetian forces. Othello speaks with absolute self-respect and dignity and uses his merits to speak for themself. He refuses to be drawn into violence by Brabantio like discussed in the previous quote and his behaviour offers a striking contrast to Brabantio’s speeches in Act I . When Desdemona insists that she wishes to go with Othello to Cyprus and get married, Othello supports her decision with

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