Othello Criticism Essay

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Who a person decides to trust can make a big impact on their life, whether it be a good or bad one. Only when someone keeps believing lies that they think to be the truth, this can destroy everything that they once used to love. William Shakespeare shows us the tragedy that befalls on a man when he trust's the wrong man through the use of irony and symbolism in the play Othello.

In his article over Othello Charles Boyce describes the play as "a domestic comedy gone wrong."Boyce talks of the jealousy and hate that drives Iago to deceive the moor to "show how a noble man can lose faith and go in a frenzy caused by the loss of trust." (Boyce 570). Othello is tricked into believing all the wrong things which causes him to lose his sanity.

Over his web article critic Christopher Baker says that Iago's only reason for all of his evil plans to infect Othellos mind with lies were because he wanted revenge for not being promoted. He thinks that all the tragedy that takes place "shows the true means of physcological derangement." (Baker) He affirms that one reason that this deception comes so easily to Iago is because of Othello's noble traits of trusting those that seem to be the closest to him.

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Iago takes the closest person to Othello, which is Desdomona, and makes him believe that she is having an affair with Cassio without having any actual proof. Othello is blind by the fact that this could be a lie and quickly begins to analyze his wife to see if this is true. When he asks for proof from her that she is loyal she is unable to show him because of Iago's plan. Iago tells Roderigo he will "pour this pestilence into his ear." ( Othello 2.3.346) The fact that Iago earned the nickname 'Honest Iago' almost everyone is going to believe what he says is the truth. At one point Othello must leave town and he decides

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