When Trust Goes Wrong Essay

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When Trust Goes Wrong Trust is most of the time seen as a good thing, but trust can also be destructive; if the wrong people are being trusted. Shakespeare’s play Othello revolves around the life of Othello, a Moorish war commander who marries Desdemona, a Venetian. He is lied to by his right-hand man Iago, and believes everything Iago says to him. All of this false information causes conflicts leading to Othello killing his own wife. Various destructive forces cause the events to take place, but the most destructive force in the play is trust. Primarily, Othello trusts Iago with every information he gives him regarding Desdemona supposedly cheating on Othello. This trust causes Othello to believe out-of-context information. This is ultimately due to Othello’s idea that Iago is a soldier and a honest Iago, therefore, he would not lie as soldiers live by a code. Othello trusts Iago with information regarding his wife Desdemona sleeping with Cassio. In Act 1 Scene 3, Iago talks to Roderigo regarding him telling Othello that Cassio is apparently being intimate with Desdemona “After some time, to abuse Othello’s ear that he is (Cassio) too familiar with his wife.” (28). Iago is spilling his plans to Roderigo, telling him that with a little help from the devil, which could be Roderigo, that his plan will succeed. Othello believes Iago when he tells him hints that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona in Act 3 Scene 3: I am glad of this… I shall have reason/ To show love and duty that I bear you.../ Look to your wife, observe her well with Cassio.../ Out of self bounty be abused./ Look to’t. (64) Iago does not tell Othello directly that Desdemona is indeed cheating on him, but Othello’s trust in Iago leads him to be worried about it, thinking that Iago is telling him a fact. This follows Iago spreading false information and intricately convincing Othello that

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