Orisis: The Egyptian Sun God

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The sun god The Egyptian sun God Ra is the king of all Gods. His appearance is as a pharaoh wearing a sun disk on his head. He was the most worshiped God and the father of all creation. He is the only God besides Osiris who is definitely not on the earth. Ra is said to be an aging God who is too old to take care of his children so he went to the sky and now watches over us every day. Ra is worshiped throughout Egypt and was the principal God for centuries. One legend states that each day when Ra is born as the sun he begins a journey across the sky. Ra was believed to ride in a boat across the sky accompanied by other Gods. The boat would sail through the twelve provinces representing the twelve hours of daylight during the day. At the…show more content…
He was said to appear as a mummified man with distinctive crown shaped like a cone with large ostrich feathers at each side. He held a symbolic crook and flail. Orisis was sometimes considered as the oldest son of the earth. Orisis is said to be one of the five children born to the God of the earth and the goddess of the skies. He was closely associated with death, resurrection and fertility. The ancient Egyptians believed that he was a dead king, a former ruler who had been brought back to life after being murdered by his brother. For this reason he is meant to symbolise the hope for eternal life that every Egyptian holds. Osiris legacy was hatred, fascination in death and the belief of an afterlife for Egyptians. In scripts Osiris is commonly found within tombs and monuments. Orisis had three siblings Set, Nephthys and Isis. As the ruler of the dead he was sometimes called the king of the living as the ancient Egyptians called the blessed dead the living ones. Osiris was not only considered the judge of the dead but the agency of the afterlife. Osiris was worshiped as a God between 2494 and 2345 Bc

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