Indian Sun Creation Versus The Bible

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All cultures have some form of belief on how the earth and man were created. Most believe in a god or gods that did all of the work. Some stories may seem incredibly far-fetched, while others seem more probable. Although the Indian creation myth and the Biblical creation both focus on the creation of earth and man, the Bible provides a more credible story because it gives more detail as to how everything came to be. In the “Sun Creation” of the Brule Sioux Indians, the sun was the main “god” that did most of the work. It also pulled out its eye to create the moon, from which woman was created. However, today we know that the sun is not a being, just a great body of fire. It does not have eyes, and the only powers it has is that of heat, gravity, and radiation. In the Bible, you cannot see God, and He is everywhere all at once. In the Sun Creation myth, there were four directional god-like powers, North, South, East, and West. They were brought together by the sun and they “breathed their life-giving breath into this earth we are sitting on” (Crow Dog 39). However, in the Bible there is only one God who is omnipresent and created all the heavens and the earth. Still, there is a similarity between the two stories at this point. The Sun Creation myth talks about Unknowingly, another ‘god’ who is very powerful, and that is part of the sun itself. This is extremely similar to the fact that in the Bible, God and Jesus are one in the same. In the Sun creation myth, the earth came from 16 “hoops.” The four directional powers breathed into these hoops to create the earth. However, in the Bible, there is absolutely nothing in space before God created the universe. Also, the Sioux myth does not say anything about how the oceans were created. In the Bible, God took a ‘day’ to make the oceans themselves. In the Sun Creation myth, man was placed on the earth to be the
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