Organizational Analysis: Shadowing Plan

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Week 1 Assignment: Organizational Analysis – Shadowing Plan
Submit Assignment by 0800 Monday of Week 2.
Name: Date: April 12, 2014
Overview: Organizational Analysis
The major assignment for this course is analysis of your organization. You will study and report on its structure, processes, and nurse leaders. To get a glimpse of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse leader, meet with a BSN nurse leader at least two levels above your current position* in your organization and request opportunities to observe some of the tasks the nurse leader directs. Obviously, there are situations in which you will not be able to observe or participate in meetings or other events or tasks, but you should be able to work with the nurse leader to schedule
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First, schedule an interview with the nurse leader (at least two levels above your current position) and record that date and time. Include descriptions of activities, your expected roles or behaviors as an observer or participant, and schedules of the activities. Explain the types of things you will be looking for and how you will record your observations. (Space will expand as you type.)
Please remember to send a thank-you note to the nurse leader you interview.
The date and time of my meeting with the Director of Nursing will be Wednesday, April 16, 2014 @ 1pm. Learn what reports she has to submit out to the corporate office either on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Gather information on how the Director of Nursing structure staffing to maintain appropriate staffing for the facility with nurses and certified nursing assistance to patient ratio. The process that has to be done when she has to report to the state Department of Health and Senior Services, when there is a possible case of abuse or neglect with one of the within the facility. How she maintain oversight of the activities of the nursing staff and their job performance. The tools she uses to get out need information to her staff and what is done if her nursing staff does not comply with company policy and procedures. Observe the Director of Nursing overall day to day duties needed to keep the nursing department running appropriately and how she prepares for the facilities annual survey. The things observed will be written in a notebook then transposed into the school

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