Organic Vs. Conventional Food

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Organic food is known to be a healthier way to live rather than eating conventional or non-organic food. It used to only be sold in health food stores but is becoming more popular.(Sales jumped from $23 million to $40 million in the United States.) We think of organic food to be healthier, but is it more nutritious and safer than conventional food? It all looks the same in the grocery store, but what is really the difference? Farmers grow and process food in a certain way for it to be called “organic.” Conventional food may grow with chemical fertilizers, be sprayed with insecticides to reduce pests, manage weeds by using herbicides, and some animals would be given hormones or medications to spur growth and prevent disease. Organic food is brought up in a safer way. Natural fertilizers are used, beneficial insects or birds are used to reduce pests, weeds are removed manually, and the animals are given a balanced diet for natural growth and disease prevention. The U.S Department of Agriculture ensures organic products by making farmers past tests and pay fees in order to sell organic food. Parents are concerned that the pesticides in organic food with harm the development of their children. Studies support the fact that organic diets lower exposure from the harmful pesticides. Organic food may look similar, but you have to look for an organic symbol (USDA Organic) if you want to eat for a healthier diet. Organic food is safer since they use more natural ingredient within the growth of each product. It is also more nutritious since it is not putting those harmful chemicals in one’s

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