Symbolism In Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard

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Oppression and Freedom Symbolism Freedom and oppression are prevalent themes in today's society. They are popular themes that writers write on and about through use of symbolism. Writers often tackle just one of these two themes, but Kiran Desai includes both of these themes in her novel. In her literary work, Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard, Kiran Desai uses symbols to underscore her central themes of oppression and freedom. Through use of the symbols of the guava tree, the guava, and Sampath's father, the themes of oppression and freedom are effectively emphasized. The guava tree is a strong symbol representing the central theme of freedom. When Sampath sought peace and freedom, he fled to the guava orchard and he climbed up a guava tree; he immediately felt "his breathing slow and a wave of peace and contentment overtook him" (Desai, 50). Sampath found contentment and joy through his new-found freedom in the guava tree; people remarked that he had a "happier, calmer face" (73). Sampath felt safe and free from restraint in the guava tree, "Yes, he was in the…show more content…
Chawla is an excellent symbol representing the central theme of oppression. Mr. Chawla doesn't understand his son and why he "must run and sit in a tree" (62). Sampath's father is often berating Sampath for his lack of motivation, purpose, and success with remarks like, "If it wasn't for me, Sampath would be sitting in a special museum for people who are a cross between potatoes and human beings" (26); comments like these hurt Sampath deeply. Sampath's father had labelled Sampath as a failure, he forced these ideas on his son until Sampath started to believe them for himself. Another example of this verbal cruelty is when Mr. Chawla says, "If someone in this country is crazy enough to climb up a tree, you can be sure it is Sampath" (53). Through the use of the strong symbol of Sampath's father, Desai has effectively and successfully underscored her central theme of

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