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Oneida Tribe Paper

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Native American Comparative Study
By: Alex Keith
EDU 201
Wisconsin Lutheran College

Oneida Native American Tribe

Throughout our countries history we have had many events that we have encountered and tried to solve in many different ways. We have fought through wars, created peace treaties, bargained and traded, and taking many other different precautions into such situations. There is one event that is still unsolved to this date. The fact that those who lived and cherished this land before we were even here still treated and though that had came after the unknown, rude, forceful traveler of the east. Native Americans still are such an amazing contribution to how our country became the United States and all the other tribes that have been spread across the land due to high power and the very little choice that was given to them.

Today you will be reading about Wisconsin’s own Oneida tribe, where that have originated from, their practices, other tribes that have similarities, and of course how important their role is in today’s Wisconsin Native American Cultural world and economy.

The Wisconsin Oneida are a Iroquoian-speaking Indian tribe that is currently living on a reservation in northeastern Wisconsin near the Green Bay area. They were originally from the New York area. Within the Iroquois, the Oneida is one of six tribes. The other five are The Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Mohawk, and Tuscarora. These six tribes are also known as the Six Nations of the Iroquois. “The Oneida refer to themselves as Oneyoteaka, "People of the Standing Stone." According to Oneida

traditions, there was always a large, red boulder near the main Oneida village in New York. The Oneida Creek and Oneida Lake area in north central New York state were the principal areas of the Oneida homeland”(MPM).

The Identity of the “People of the Standing Stone” is based on a legend in which the Oneida people were being chased by an enemy tribe. The Oneida...

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