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Vishnu Venkateswaran The director, Takeshi Kitano’s intention in the film One Fine Day is to show the horrible conditions of a remote theater in the countryside. The movie clip regards a farmer who travels many miles to have some entertainment, but instead ends up disappointed. Kitano accurately shows the idea of boredom in rural areas through the lighting of the film, camera shots, and sounds. This idea is shown in the last scene of the film where the man walks away from the film feeling dejected and disappointed in what he has seen. The lighting in the beginning of the film is bright with a day full of potential. This type of lighting is a metaphor for the man’s mood, which at first was excited for watching a new film and to be entertained after a long travel to the remote, cinema. The long shot was employed here to establish the setting of a remote area where a lonely cinema exists. Progressively, the man has to wait more as the projectionist fixes the numerous problems that he encounters throughout. This is shown through the camera angle to the cigarettes in a close up where the man is forced to pass his time by smoking. In a later scene, the man feeds a dog to wait for the movie to resume. The movie in itself only constituted of three scenes lasting less than thirty seconds each. The music in this film stays constant throughout and contrasts with how the man feels. The music is an up-beat song that lasts the same amount of time that the clip is. The music shows that there may be a lot of action in the movie, which will add to the entertainment of the film, however the man feels the opposite: dull and bored. Through a series of film techniques, Kitano is able to show the boredom that the farmer feels throughout the film. The ineptness of the projectionist is another idea that is shown in this film through camera angles, dialogue, and lighting. As soon

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