One Child Policy

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The One Child Policy By: Maarya Omar 8s 16/11/2011 In 1979 The One Child Policy was introduced to China, or as the Chinese government refers to the official statement of Family Planning Policy. What is The One Child Policy? The One Child Policy restricts urban, married couples from having more than one child; however exceptions are made to those living in rural areas, parents without any siblings and many more. Why was the One Child Policy established? The policy was established to improve social, economic and environmental problems in China, as well to reduce the rapid growth of China’s population. It is known that from 1979 to 2011, China has prevented 400 million births. The One Child Policy was introduced to china for many reasons. One reason would be to supply China’s people. Like every other country, China has a limited amount of food, water, shelter and education; it does not have enough resources to supply the whole country, especially if the one child policy was never introduced. If the policy was never introduced China’s people could be facing starvation due to the lack of food supplies to each family, many families may be homeless since there would not be enough shelter for everyone and there also may be a lack of education in China since there would be too many children to teach and not enough teachers to handle the overcrowding of children in schooling facilities. Another reason for the policy being introduced is the environmental problems. China is not as environmentally friendly as other countries, however it could be worse. The government of China believes that the policy will help the country to become more caring for the environment. One reason would be the use of electricity, imagine having another 400 million children here today in China and how much electricity you would need to take care of your babies and the rest of your family. A lot of
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