Omar Reyes Autobiography

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Omar A. Reyes Terry Whitman COM: 300 5 June, 2011 From small town to the Twin Cities To start off, I should say that my childhood was as different as you can imagine from other kids around my life in Guatemala. When I was four years old, my mother decided to move from Quetzaltenango (my home town) back to Guatemala City. From there everything was uphill for my mother, as my father was an alcoholic and the only thing that he could provide was trouble. My mother always had been very independent; she never asked or waited until someone else could put food on the table. Even today she is a photographer, she runs a guest house, and she is always taking care of her family. I am the oldest of three children, but until I was seven I was the only one. Living in a big city includes things that smaller towns don’t have, traffic, big distances, poverty, and delinquency. So, for me, the beginning of the story was very indoors, doing homework, watching T.V., and later on, babysitting my younger sisters while my mom was at work. For the next 6 years or so, we moved in and out of many different apartments all over the city because of my dad and his issues. I changed schools like changing my shirt. I never got to have a best friend; in fact, I didn’t even get to know anyone at all. Finally, one day my mom got sick of hiding from my dad and of dealing with his struggles, so she decided to move back to Quetzaltenango. I have to admit that at the beginning moving back sucked! The city was way smaller; it seemed to me like I was moving backwards in my life. I remember saying once that the city had only one big building, and it was five floors tall. But the most upsetting part was the people. Everybody was weird, almost ugly I should say, and I thought something must be wrong here. Everyone said hi to each other; the younger people used to move over to give more room to the senior
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