"Of Mice & Men" Book Report

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In the book, “Of Mice & Men” by John Steinbeck, I feel like the main message that he is trying to convey to his readers is that in life, everybody has dreams and aspirations that they wish to achieve in life but the cold hard truth about is, no matter how hard you try or wish, dreams don’t always come true. The theme if everyone in life wants to “be somebody” is show in almost every character in the book... Lennie and George’s both have the goal of own having their own little land and being ranchers, but from the very beginning of the book, the foreshadowing made it relevant that is wasn’t going to happen. Another example of this theme would be Curley’s Wife who wants to move to Hollywood, California and become a big time actress but because her mother didn’t want her to leave home, her dream destroyed be she could even attempt it. I too can personally relate my own personal goals to this theme. My main dream in life is to grow up go move to Oregon and study Computer Science at the University of Oregon but I feel like no matter how I try, I will never be able to achieve that for many reasons. My parents don’t have enough money to pay for me to travel to a out of state college considering that I live in Texas and I want to attend a college in Oregon also, I’m not “the brightest star in the world.” I don’t think my grades are high enough or that I’m smart enough to do this. A piece of literature that I can connect “Of Mice & Men” to is a short story called Gregory which is about humanity becoming mangled in the midst of war and how our own moral compasses can become warped by the twin pressures of obeying commands and obeying our own ideas of what is wrong and right. In the story, set around the time of WWII, a Jewish prisoner name s Gregory is in prisoned but German forces but over time manages to earn a little bit of their trust and friendship enough to

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