Of Mice and Men George Monologue

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The sound will never escape my damn memory. The sound of the bullet as it flies from the barrel. Lennie’s body crunching the crisp leaves by the river. It brings a tear to my eyes but I ain’t no sissy. But to hell with it, if I ain't of done it ain't nobody else but that bastard Curley who would've shot him. I spend most of my time in the ranch talking to Candy, always lookin' real sad. He has nothin' in life. It seems like his life parallels mine. Slim always seems to be lookin' out for me but he don't say nothin. He knows its best not to. Slims a smart guy. The fellas all go down the bar in Soledad. But I'm never really up for it. Instead I stay in the barn and drown in guilt and remorse. Ha, funny that I say drown. I remember when I told Lennie to jump off the bridge into the lake and he did. Stupid fella couldn't swim and I never realised. I felt guilty as hell at that point too, but he still thanked me when I let him out. Sure, I guess Lennie was a burden to me, but he gave me good company. He was my partner, but now he's gone I feel so lonely. Even with slim, candy an the other guys. He was my best friend. We went around together for a long time. He irritated the hell out of me, he was so damn stupid. But he was the only friend I had, and he wasn’t a bad fella. But I killed him. Shot him straight in the head jus' like like Carlson did to Candy’s dog. Ol' candy told me 'I should have shot that dog myself, George.' Woulda been better than having some stranger do it. I know Curley woulda shot Lennie. Woulda made his death slow and god damn painful. I wanted him to die with dignity. I felt so much responsibility for Him, after his aunt Clara died. Candy told me I saved Lennie, but I ain't no hero. Me and Lennie had this loyalty and friendship that made us different from others. But hell, He's dead now, just like that stupid tart that made this happen.
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