Who Is The Byronic Hero In The Great Gatsby

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Great Gatsby Hero Essay In the novel Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald we are introduced to Mr. Jay Gatsby. Throughout the entire novel it seems as though Gatsby is constantly chasing after someone or something. Gatsby was non-stop chasing after Daisy following a five year old fling between the two. Even though Daisy does admit her love for Mr. Gatsby, it was not enough for him. He needed her to say that she never loved her current husband Tom. His behavior clearly portrayed his conflicting emotions and excessive moodiness. Why would someone become angry or not accept that the one that they loved admits to loving them back? Even though Gatsby is rarely ever alone, from his extravagant parties, to the non-stop company of Klipspringer he is a loner. Mr. Gatsby really does not have any real friends, just people flocking to him to live off of his fortune. Throughout the entire novel you will also see that Mr. Gatsby struggles with his own sense of integrity. While reading you kind of being to wonder what his purpose was for the parties, to impress Daisy, to impress the people, or to convince himself that he is wealthy and loved? Only one situation will be clearly portrayed to you throughout the novel and that is…show more content…
A Byronic hero is someone that exhibits emotions and excessive moodiness which Gatsby often does when Daisy does not claim to have never loved Tom. A Byronic hero is also someone that is a loner. Even though he was rarely ever alone so to speak, Mr. Gatsby did not have any friends or family near and dear to him throughout the story except for Daisy. The fact that Mr. Gatsby also struggles with his own sense of integrity just clarifies that he is a Byronic hero. His strong disdain for the traditional moral and social class standards of this time along with the other examples listed above clearly show you that Mr. Jay Gatsby can only be one thing and that one this is a Byronic

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