Sympathy for Lennie

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Why do you feel sympathy for lennie? In the novel, Of Mice and Men, Lennie can be portrayed as a sympathetic character. Throughout the play, Steinbeck uses the repetition of the same characteristics to make Lennie a rather flat, simple and childlike character. Steinbeck uses different features such as his physical strength, his naïve behavior and also his optimistic view of things. Lennie has physical strength but has no control and understanding over it. When he tries to pet soft things he ends up killing them. Steinbeck never portrays Lennie as a killer as he never tries to kill anything in cold blood. Throughout the novel Lennie kills different things and always feels regret afterwards. In the novel George says ‘Lennie never done it in meanness. All the time he done bad things, but he never done one of em mean”’. This shows How George feels sympathy for Lennie as he always manages to get other people upset at him and always manages to get himself into trouble but Steinbeck is showing the reader though George that he never means to cause trouble and he often held back and get in trouble due to his simplicity and child like mind. Steinbeck uses characters around Lennie to make the reader feel sorry for Lennie. In the novel apart from George, no one else really cares for Lennie. He shows us how the characters feel and act towards Lennie as a character. Lennie, along with Curley’s wife, candy and crooks are considered to be the weaker characters in the novel and when they meet in chapter four in the stable house all the other weak characters reject lennie for his child like nature and his simplemindedness. Lennie tries to do his role in helping him and George fulfill their American dream but no matter how hard he tries, he only causes disasters. It also relates to that time in America, when everyone wants to have their “American Dream” but it’s actually really
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