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In the book The Odyssey , Odysseus the main character is sent off to fight in a war. After being in the war for 10 years Odysseus takes a crew and heads home to his wife and only child. The gods keep Odysseus from getting home for another 10 years throwing him off course. Finally, Odysseus gets to an oracle where he is told that he has two ways that he can get home. He can only choose one. The fist way only, he will survive but he will get to see his wife and only son again. If he chose the second route everyone including him will die. He chooses to go the first route and not to tell his crew/men. The action Odysseus took decides the fate of his entire crew. It was a choice most fathers and husbands would choose if they were out at sea for this long. He valued his wife and son over his crew. The most important thing to Odysseus was to get home and be with his family. He would give up everything to get home. The pull to get home was stronger then the bond he had with his crew and ship. The choice Odysseus made was the choice he believed he had. The actions taken by Odysseus would be the same as most men in the same situation. Odysseus and had not seen his wife and son for 20-plus years. He was desperate to see his wife and son, so much that he would do anything to get to them. Unless there was a different way to get home that would save the crew, he chose his family over his crew. He was selfish in that he was willing to sacrifice the entire ship to get to his family. Odysseus cared for his crew but realized if he told them the truth, he would never get home. The oracle said if he took one way home he would see his family again. In order to choose this route he had to do several tasks to get home. This choice included that he would be the lone survivor of the journey. If he told his crew, everything that the oracle told him, his crew

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