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NOVEL STUDY: LANCE ARMSTRONG, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE Chapter 1: Before and After “Cancer would change everything for me, I realised; it wouldn’t just derail my career, it would deprive me of my entire definition of who I was.” Looking through chapter one, Lance Armstrong defined himself as someone who is impatient and loves to do things quickly and swiftly. This is shown where he says on page 1, ‘I don’t do anything slow, not even breathe. I do everything at a fast- cadence.” The things that made him believe he was the happiest man in the world were his career, his support from his mother and his never broken ego. Chapter 2: The Start Line “Your past forms you whether you like it or not.” Both positive and negative influences helped to form and mould young Lance into the rebellious boy he was. Lance shares how close he is to his family and how his…show more content…
I think that Lance wanted to clear the air about everything that had happened in the past with certain people and wanted to let people know how he felt about them. For example, Lance’s step-fathers and father. Throughout the novel, Lance expresses his feelings towards these men by telling everyone that they have nothing to do with him and he has no feelings whatsoever towards them. I believe he wanted to let them know that he and his mother have succeeded in life without them. Concerning Lance’s name, I think that he wanted to reveal that a name is just a name and he has no relation to the family and doesn’t intend to either. I think he wanted to express his love for his family and friends and show his gratitude towards them for helping him through such a tough stage in his life, especially his mum. I think Lance just wanted to tell the world how happy he is now and that he survived a tough stage in his life, possibly wanting to reach out to other cancer patients to help them through their ordeal

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