Odysseus' Heroic Essay

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Marian-Webster defines hero as "one who shows great courage" and "the principal male character in a literary or dramatic word." Odysseus fits Marian-Webster's definition, due to the fact throughout Odysseus' astonishing journey; Odysseus often shows certain qualities that make him a hero. Despite the fact Odysseus does not display heroic characteristics, he generally is a clever, respectful and welcoming heroic figure. Throughout most of a hero’s journeys a hero must overcome a great obstacle, and in order to pass that obstacle a hero must be very clever. Odysseus is a perfect example of a clever hero, Odysseus had to overcome a countless amount of obstacles throughout his journey, and Odysseus usually overcame those obstacles by using his cleverness. For example, when Odysseus and 12 of his men were inside a Cyclops’ cave, the Cyclops asked for Odysseus’ name, and Odysseus said that his name was nobody. Later in the story Odysseus and his men try to escape from the Cyclops by stabbing him in the eye with an oak tree branch. Afterwards, when the Cyclops calls for help and the other Cyclopes asked the Cyclops who stabbed him in the eye the Cyclops answered, “Nobody did this to me, Nobody stabbed me in the eye!” So Odysseus’ cleverness shows when he gave the Cyclops a fake name. Another example that shows Odysseus being a clever hero is when Odysseus and his men have to escape from the Cyclops. Since Odysseus stabbed the Cyclops in the eye, the Cyclops was blinded, but the Cyclops blocked the entrance to the cave he was feeling everything that went past him. Odysseus was in a predicament and he had to find a way to escape, so Odysseus came up with the clever idea of putting one man under three sheep so that the Cyclops would feel his sheep and not Odysseus and his men as they escaped. Once Odysseus and his men escaped, they returned to their ships and continued their

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