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Characterization of Odysseus In “The Odyssey,” Odysseus is described as a great hero. Homer defines Odysseus’s character as very courageous, very honorable, and very smart and quick thinking. Throughout the book we see his heroic ways and cleverness, particularly in Book Nine when he outsmarts and escapes from the Cyclops. In Homer’s “The Odyssey,” we are introduced to the main character of Odysseus. Odysseus is described as being a hero, who is very smart and courageous. In Book Nine his ships land on the island of the Cyclops. He and his men venture out onto the land to take a look around. When they return to the ship he tells his men that he and his crew will sail to the Cyclops shore to see who is living there, “What are they- violent, savage, lawless? Or friendly to strangers, god- fearing men?” (9.195-196) When Odysseus meets the Cyclops he is scared at first but then he gets some nerve and explains to the Cyclops who they are. The Cyclops does not spare their lives and they get trapped in his cave. Odysseus is angered by this and also because the Cyclops ate some of his men. He says, “he left me there, the heart inside me brooding on revenge: how could I pay him back? Would Athena give me glory?” (9.354-355) Odysseus’s character is very clever and he devises a plan to get revenge on the Cyclops and also to escape the cave they are in. He courageously goes to the Cyclops and gives him wine, all the while knowing that it will get him drunk and they can continue with their plan. The Cyclops asks him his name and Odysseus, being as clever as he is, tricks the Cyclops and tells him, “Nobody- that’s my name. Nobody- so my mother and father call me all, my friends.” (9.410-411) His courage and cleverness proves to be very effective because soon after the Cyclops falls asleep he and his men grab the stake they had made plunge it into the eye of the Cyclops. As

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