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Oceanography Chapter 2 Review Questions 1. When did the supercontinent of Pangea exist? What was the ocean that surrounded the supercontinent called? -During the geological past. It was called Panthalassa. 2. Cite the lines of evidence Alfred Wegener used to support his idea of continental drift. Why did scientists doubt that continents drifted? -”Wegner used the shapes of matching shorelines on different continents as a supporting piece of evidence for continental drift. 3. Describe Earth's magnetic field, including how it has changed through time. -Similar to a simple bar magnet, ends have opposite polarities that cause magnetic objects to align parallel to it’s magnetic field. Poles have wandered from geographical position over the years. 4. Describe how sea turtles use Earth's magnetic field for navigation. They just seem to sense it. 5. Why is the pattern of alternating reversals of the Earth's magnetic field as recorded in the sea floor rocks such an important piece of evidence for advancing plate tectonics? -It changes the direction of where some materials move so it might help plate tectonics move one way or the other. 6. Describe sea floor spreading and explain why it is an important piece of evidence for advancing plate tectonics. -It is a theory where land is created at the ridges and is then split apart. 7. Describe the general relationships that exist among the following: distance from spreading centers, heat flow, age of ocean crustal rock, and ocean depth. The farther away the older, the closer to the spreading center the warmer and more active. 8. Why does a map of worldwide earthquakes closely match the locations of worldwide plate boundaries? -That is where pressure is released when plate tectonics rub up against each other. 9. Most lithospheric plates contain both oceanic- and
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