God vs Big Bang Theory

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is quite late in the history of the Universe, which -- as we told you in our lastInstruction -- is thought to have begun about 15 million years ago with an almostunimaginable explosion called The Big Bang.At first, the Earth was just a ball of molten rock and gasses. As it began to cool,dense materials like iron sank down into its core. Lighter materials likecompounds of oxygen and water rose toward the surface.That's why the Earth is made up of different layers -- as you can see in this crosssection:There are three layers in the Earth: the Crust, the Mantle and the Core. For another way to look at them, click:http://mediatheek.thinkquest.nl/~ll125/en/fullstruct.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 www.etap.orgEarth Science Lesson 3Dynamic Earth Processes (Grades 8-12 )Instruction 3-1The Internal Structure of the Earth2 of 2California Content Standards Earth Science 3.b.B. J. Subbiondo © 2004The CrustThe outer layer of the Earth is called the crust. It is made up of rock that floated to the surface when the Earth was formed. It is not a continuous layer, but is made up of large masses called tectonic plates.These plates drift slowly across the Earth's surface (tectonic means moving).The movement of these plates creates mountains and valleys.At weak points in the crust, it causes volcanic eruptions. And when plates bump into each other, earthquakes occur -- emitting shock waves or vibrations called seismic waves. The crust is the Earth's coldest layer. There are two parts to it -- the OceanicCrust and the Continental Crust.The Oceanic Crust The Oceanic Crust lies beneath the oceans. It is between 4 to 7 miles (6 - 11km) thick. Its rocks are heavy and young, not more than 200 million years old. They are mostly basalt, which has a gritty volcanic structure. The Continental Crust71% of the surface of the Earth is

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