Occupied Economics: Source Analysis

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m Occupied Economics Source Analysis: Topic 17 Social 30-1 The three sources presented are all related as they value the majority of the citizens rather than the wealthy minority. The wealthy minority implement practises that limit the economic, political and social freedoms of the citizens. These practises are protected by policies that must change in order for the country as a whole to benefit by allowing citizens the right to the freedoms classical liberalism was founded on. The first source is of a woman supporting a protest movement against economic and social inequality; Occupy Movement. In the latter half of 2011 this movement began to catch traction across the globe. The supporters of this movement strongly believe in the…show more content…
This cartoon is a prime example of what happens when a trickle-down economy fails to work. Trickle-down economics is anti-liberal as it is a form of government intervention in the economy. As the government tax the wealthy less they provide no benefit for the country, they are only widening the gap between the rich and the poor. By widening the gap they are restricting the political and economic freedom of the citizens. This restriction on the citizens goes against two of the three freedoms (social, economic, political) classical liberalism was founded on. As long as trickle-down economics is in effect the rich will only get richer at the expense of the poor “99%”. The nation needs to change for the benefit of its people, movements can bring change. A prime example of a movement bringing change to its nation is the Women’s suffrage movement. In Canada and the United States women fought for their political rights and freedoms. Likewise, the occupy movement can bring economic and political change. Change is hard to initiate especially in a world where in order to bring change you must feed the enemies. This is shown in the cartoon as the protestors with signs are increasing the wealth of corporations by purchasing markers and cardboard to produce the signs used to protest. Despite this the protesters are acting to bring change to the current corrupt political and economic system, in order to restore the principles of classical liberalism within
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