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My name is Betsey Ford, and I am a graduating, double major in English and Engineering at the University Of Miami. I have fallen in love with two men, both from very different backgrounds, who each intend to move back to their home countries after graduation, and they want me to go with them. Martin Aston, an aerospace engineering major at the University Of Miami, comes from an island nation off the coast of France called Grande Brittney, a country much like Great Britain in economic and political terms. My other potential spouse, Fritz Benz, is a marketing major at the University of Miami, and comes from a continental European country much like Germany, called Allemandia. Both men have asked me to marry them, and now I must make one of the…show more content…
There are many reasons for my decision. Grande Brittney, being a free market economy, supports entrepreneurship and competition, whereas Allemandia doesn’t. Since my dream is to start my own business, this is favorable to my future. Grande Brittney, unlike Allemandia, also allows for Dual citizenship, which is very important to me because I am counting on my inheritance. If I can be a citizen in both Grande Brittney and the United States, I can live in Grande Brittney, and still inherit my money. Grande Brittney is also favorable to my future because they are a fairly non-religious country. Despite the fact that over 80% of the Grande Brittney population belongs to the Church of Grande Brittney, very few members actually go to church on Sundays, making it easier for me to live the non-religious life that I am accustomed to. I am a strong believer in Privatization, and Laissez Faire Capitalism, and I believe that the government should stay out of the economy. This is why I have decided that when I move to Grande Brittney, I will vote for the Rory Party in elections. The Rory Party is a center-right party and generally doesn’t talk about social issues other than that of fighting crime, which is very important to me. The Worker party, the other main political party in Grande Brittney, is a center-left party, and very individualist on social issues. The Worker party cares more about welfare spending than does the Rory Party. I would choose the Rory Party because they are the closest equivalents to the Republican Party in the United States and they stress tax cuts for the rich and more privatization of social services. The tax cuts would be very useful to me as a citizen of Grande Brittney, because I am inheriting a lot of money, and I want don’t want to pay such high inheritance
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