Roy Spencer Role Of Government In The Economy Analysis

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Summary As the chapter title suggests, Dr. Roy Spencer discusses the role that government assumes in the United States economy. In his opening remarks Dr. Spencer affirms his intentions to the reader in the statements, “I am not going to address what constitutes the” proper role of government”. “What I am interested in is the extent to which government helps or hurts our efforts to achieve the goal of people providing as many goods and services as possible to each other that we want and need.” There are several methods of government intervention which Dr. Spencer chooses to discuss in this chapter. These methods are as follows: raising tax rates, printing money, subsidies, jobs programs, economic stimulus, rebuilding after disaster, low interest loans, wage controls, and price controls. While at a glance each of these programs may seem harmless, Dr. Spencer illustrates why he believes America’s economy is declining because of the current system. Dr. Spencer states,” The most useful role of government in the economy is to make sure people –especially companies and businesses-play by the rules.” Anti-trust laws for example provide rules that prevent monopolies in the market. Many of the programs the government enacts stall the natural effects of supply and demand that drive a free market and are in fact monopolies. As is…show more content…
Many of Dr. Roy Spencer’s views I can see as very rational. His references of actual government actions better proves how the United States government tends to want to use money as a “magic pill” that will fix the cancerous economic state the country has been in for years. While I am sure that there are politician who are still concerned with the well being of the average American, Dr Spencer’s comments about the job security in politics ,without accountability for wrong doing, should open the eyes of every American that has allowed for this corruption to
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