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Provide support for journeys (HSC 2008) Emma Understand factors to consider when planning support for journeys 1.1 Describe different aspects and factors to consider when planning a journey Factors to consider when planning journeys are anything that the service user may need. You need to look into how the journey is going to progress. There may be delays or diverts on the bus, the underground may have delays or the trains may break down 1.2 Describe different risks that may arise and ways to minimise these Using bus timetables, TFL websites, computers and maps to plan journeys. 1.3 Describe different types of communication technology that can support planning and making journeys safely Be able to Support individuals to plan journeys 2.1 Agree with the individual the level and type of support needed for planning and making a Journey I can agree with the service user, the level and Type of support needed by listening to what the service user wants and providing information on various travel routes, whilst supporting them with there journey 2.2 Support the individual to research a journey that they wish to make You could help the individual do this by using the Internet TFL, telephone and underground maps. 2.3 Support the individual to develop a plan for a journey that promotes active participation and reflects agreed ways of working Getting the service user to plan there journey they wish to take also making it clear to them any organisational policies that might have to be taken into consideration Be able to support individuals when making journeys 3.1 Support the individual in line with the journey plan I would support the individual with journey planning by helping them relies and take into consideration any diverts that may occur or any connected routed that they night need to take on there journey. 3.2 Describe

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