Nursing Case Studies Using Johns Model of Reflection

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Johns Model of reflection
Johns model is based on five cue questions which enable you to break down your experience and reflect on the process and outcomes. John (1995) used seminal work by Carper (1978) as the basis for his model exploring aesthetics, personal knowing, ethics and empirics and then encouraging the reflective practitioner to explore how this has changed and improved their practice.
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Johns Model of reflection

Johns Model of Reflection
Description of the experience
Describe the experience and what were the significant factors?

What was I trying to achieve and what are the consequences?

Influencing factors
What things like internal/external/knowledge affected my decision making?

Could I have dealt with it better
What other choices did I have and what were those consequences?

What will change because of this experience and how did I feel about the experience
How has this experience changed my ways of knowing o Empirics – scientific o Ethics – moral knowledge o Personal – self awareness o Aesthetics – the art of what we do, our own experiences

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