Ntc 247 Wk 3 Assignment

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The purpose of a wireless router is to send and receive data across a network wirelessly. Many routers have updated tables within the router to learn where which computers are in a network. This will speed up the transfer of the data packets since the packet is only going to the designated computer. Wireless routers also have ports on the back which accepts an Ethernet cable from a high speed modem so internet connectivity can be shared. Wireless routers are connected to a network wirelessly and/or wired. A router goes hand in hand with computers and all other aspects of a network. A wireless router is needed in any wireless network. Price varies from $29.99-$184.99 Tiger Direct (n.d.) A computer is a device that is used by an end user to perform tasks and processes. Computers are related to networks due to the fact that computers need to be able to communicate to one another on the same network. Computers come in different sizes and processing levels. Computers are needed in any wireless network. Price varies from $299.99 to $4,999.99 Tiger Direct (n.d.) A firewall is considered a device that connects or is built in the software and directly to a network or computer with Windows XP and higher operating systems. A firewall used security purpose that only allows trusted sources to access the network or the other way around. A firewall can also stop incoming traffic and/or outgoing traffic. A firewall is not required in a network but without one the network can be vulnerable to outside attacks. Prices vary from $109.99 to $704.99 Tiger Direct (n.d.) A wireless access point is a device that can send and receive signals from a wireless network or wireless signal. WAP are common in all wireless networks but having more than one in larger networks is considered a benefit for the network. Wireless routers are most of the time considered as wireless access points.

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