Data vs Fixed Lines

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Data on Fixed Line vs. Cellular Debate There are many pros and cons to discuss when talking about using data on fixed lines or cellular networks. The fixed line concept has been around and has been utilized for a very long time. Cellular networks have not been around as long and still have minor issues to be worked out. In this paper the pros and cons for both medias will be presented. In this first paragraph the pros of having a data on fixed lines will be discussed. The most important pro to having a fixed line is that if there is a power outage the line would still be operational. This is very important in the case of an emergency. With a cellular phone if the battery dies you will have no way of reaching out for the help that might be needed. Consumer reports still recommends having fixed line service, because emergency services can more reliably locate you quickly from a 911 call on a landline than from a cell phone. The second pro to having a fixed line is that it is normally cheaper for large volumes of data than cellular connections. Fixed lines can often offer a higher data rate than many cellular networks, although 4G networks may change this. Fixed lines are probably better suited for implementing games or web servers. Fixed lines also have cons to go along with it as well. Most wire line phone companies charge more than what you'd pay for most alternatives, and some are taxed more as well. There are some locations where getting new wired phone service is prohibitively expensive or even impossible. Long distance and extra features like call waiting are normally included with alternative phones. Cellular has some great reason why it should be considered over fixed lines. The major advantage of cellular connections is their ability to offer an Internet connection while you are away from home, including in a different country, although this can be

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