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Traneshia Kitchens Dr. Culver CIS 500 July 28, 2012 Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks In today’s society, 3G networks deliver average download speeds about one-tenth of that rate. 4G networks do not have a circuit-switched subsystem. 4G is based on the packet-based Internet Protocol (Turner, E. & Volonino, L., 2011 pg. 96). The 3G service that people are using today is at least fast now compared to a year ago. More subscribers are tapping into the network with more data devices. The new generation of 4G wireless services is becoming coming in the country’s popular areas. PC World had done a study which showed that most of the wireless network operators are investing in 3G networks. (Retrieved from The studies consisted of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. AT&T tuned in the fastest download of 4G service. However, it’s 3G service was competitive. T-Mobile HSPA 21 service won in the 3G service. Verizon 4G is top of the line but it does not compare to AT&T. Sprint stopped its 3G and 4G networks because they were trying to transition from its outdated WiMax…show more content…
All these things find a way to connect to a wireless network. 4G LTE is known as the 802.11 wireless standards. It includes a number of subseries and its use is to provide wireless internet to users of notebook computers. There are some limitations that come with this. It can work well in local areas and the routers are used for the connections that do not have a good range. (Retrieved from When it comes down to larger networks and connectivity it requires a different standard. LTE is responsible for the GSM, GPRs, UMTS, and HSPDA standards (Turner, E. & Volonino L., 2011 pg.

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