Nt1330 Chapter 1 Networking Essay

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Chapters 7-9 70-643 Chapter 7 Matching A. Application hosting technology that launches a separate for each request is Common Gateway Interface (CGI.) B. The Internet Server Application Programing Interface(ISAPI) provides the interface between IIS and ASP.NET in IIS7’s Classic mode. C. The first Web technology to enable servers to process code in HTML files is Server Side Includes (SSI). D. ASP.NET is a programming environment based on the .NET Framework 3.0. E. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) sends information keyed by clients into Web forms to server administration. F. A worker process prevents unstable Web applications from crashing the server G. An application pool is created and terminated as needed by Windows Process Activation Service. H.…show more content…
A client has 120 days to access a Terminal Services server before they require a CAL. 3. TS Session Broker is the Terminal Services role that enables clients of a terminal server farm to reaume working with the same environment after a disconnection. 4. Copy-on-write data sharing is a feature that is designed yo conserve memory on a terminsal server. 5. A printer is generally not considered to be a component of a terminal. 6. The Remote Desktop Protocol does not carry applicataion data between a terminal server and a client. 7. The terminal server must be a member of the domain is not a requirement for using network level authentication . 8. A client running four RemoteApp application on the desktop is utilizing one session on the terminal server. 9. For users to access a Windows Server 2008 terminal server, you must be a member of the Remote desktop Users group. 10. The Remote Desktop Protocol is based on ITU T.120. Chapter 9 Matching A. Windows XPe supports embedded Win32 applications. B. The Windows CE is not based on the NT kernel. C. A TS licensing server enables clients to connect to terminal servers

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